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Professional Ballet Company


 Information for Children from DuPage Children’s Museum

Alma Dance Theater will be presenting its 3rd annual production of "Simply Classic Series" at the McAninch Arts Center of the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 at 7:00pm. This year we will be presenting a myriad of ballet pieces in our program, including Majisimo, The Peasant Pas de Quatre from Giselle and a Suite of Le Corsaire.

Alma Dance Theater would like to invite your children to join us to be part of our professional ballet production, The Simply Classic Series.  Your children will have the opportunity to dance with other children from the museum in a piece that will be specifically choreographed for them as a part of the show. No prior dance experience is necessary. Our ballet company will be holding an event on March 10th  at 1:30pm at DuPage Children’s Museum to review with parents the time commitment required for the production and also to introduce the children to the dance they will be learning. We would like to ensure all children participating in the production are excited and interested in being part of the show and to confirm that families understand the rehearsal schedule.

See more details below for production commitment: 

About Alma Dance Theater:

As husband and wife, Guillermo Leyva and Vilma Machin share a passion for dance and a desire to see it presented in a manner that displays its historical presence and its future potential. Serving as the artistic directors of Alma Dance Theater, Vilma and Guillermo have gathered together a group of like-minded individuals who seek to create a professional ballet company that inspires and invigorates both performers and audience members alike. In Spanish, Alma means “soul, spirit, and heart”. Taking this idea to heart, the directors have established Alma Dance Theater, NFP, to express the unique soul of dance by presenting classical ballet danced to non-traditional music, such as latin, blues, gospel, and jazz, in conjunction with classical pieces as well. Alma Dance Theater will seek to (1) broaden the public and community’s interest in classical ballet, (2) create unique dance pieces while maintaining the highest artistic and technical standards, and (3) enabling our organization to create outreach programs focused on educating and inspiring individuals of all ages to both experience and appreciate the beauty of classical ballet.

Alma Dance Theater’s Goals:

Ballet is an enduring art form, recognized by many countries as an important part of their culture. The existence of a vibrant dance community is an asset to every great city in the United States. Alma Dance Theater strives to be one of the foremost dance companies in the U.S. staging both classical ballets and modern ballet stories that are new, creative, courageous and unique. Our organization endeavors to represent the cultural diversity of Chicago by introducing dance pieces performed to different musical styles such as latin, jazz, gospel and blues. We believe this approach will broaden the appeal of ballet for a larger audience of all ages. Parents will bring their families to see the company’s ballet productions with the intent of introducing their children to beautiful music and the art of dance.

One of our biggest goals as a not-for-profit is to ensure that our performances are accessible to all the children in our community. This year we are happy to partner with the DuPage Children’s Museum to give local children the opportunity to participate in our professional production. The group of children who are selected to be part of the production will be placed into a piece specially choreographed for them that will be part of our Suite of Le Corsaire.  Alma Dance Theater staff will choreograph this piece and our faculty will work with the children for an hour of rehearsal on several different Saturdays. Rehearsals for this group will begin on Saturday, March 17th  at Alma Dance School, which is the school affiliated with our company Alma Dance Theater. Please read all the information below for more details on what to expect if your children is selected to participate in this professional production, and for rehearsal dates and time.

The Event Is Open to Boys and Girls Ages 4-8

Event Time -1:30pm

Ages 4-8

Please arrive at the museum 15 minutes before the event to register. There will be forms that must be filled out.  There is no fee to participate in the March 10th event.

Event Clothing:

Those who have pink tights, ballet shoes and a leotard should wear them for the event. However, for those who do not, we ask that you have your child come dressed in a t-shirt with leggings and socks.

What Is The Rehearsal Commitment?

Rehearsals for the group of children chosen from the DuPage Children’s Museum will take place on a several Saturdays from 1:30-2:30pm at Alma Dance School, which is the school affiliated with our company Alma Dance Theater.   All participants must be available for all the rehearsal mentioned below in order to be selected for participation in the production.

Rehearsals dates:

Saturday, Mar. 17th (at Alma Dance School/Alma Dance Theater)

Saturday, Apr. 7th (at Alma Dance School/Alma Dance Theater)

Saturday, Apr. 14th (at Alma Dance School/Alma Dance Theater)

Saturday, Apr. 21st (at Alma Dance School/Alma Dance Theater)

Saturday, Apr. 28th (at Alma Dance School/Alma Dance Theater)

Saturday, May 5th (at Alma Dance School/Alma Dance Theater)

Saturday, May 12th (at Alma Dance School/Alma Dance Theater)

Saturday, May 19th (at Alma Dance School/Alma Dance Theater)

Friday, June 1st (the dress rehearsal in the theater)

Saturday, June 2nd (day of the show, we will be at the theater)

The families of the children participating in the show will only be charged the price of their child’s costume, ensuring that the children are able to keep their costumes after the performance. We have selected the costume out of a dance catalog and the price will be $70 including the cost of the shipping. After the conclusion of the performance students will be able to take their costume home.

Clothing for Rehearsal:

If your child is chosen to be part of the production we ask that girls attend rehearsal dressed in pink tights, any black leotard, pink ballet shoes and hair neatly arranged in a bun. For boys, we ask that they come to rehearsals in a white t-shirt, black tights/leggings, white ballet shoes and white socks.

When and Where are the Performances?

Saturday, June 2nd at 7:00 pm.

McAninch Arts Center, College of DuPage: 425 Fawell Blvd, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137