Happy News!

Happy News!

Published on January 16th, 2023

We are extremely proud and happy to announce that we have received our Nonprofit status, and now we will be able to establish our professional ballet company, Alma Dance Theater! 

We have been working on this endeavor for a long time and are overjoyed that we will be able to finally begin this process. Our classical company will provide talented dancers with the opportunity to become a member of our unique group and further their careers. We are ecstatic that we are able to provide such a wonderful opportunity to dancers in the Chicago area.

This is truly an achievement for Alma Dance School. The company will benefit our students because the school will now be associated with high caliber and visible group of professional dancers. Our students will be inspired as they train to prepare for their future careers. They will now have the opportunity to audition for Alma Dance Theater and potentially gain a job in their home city. More details concerning the company's progress will follow in the future. We look forward to the wonderful addition Alma Dance Theater will make to the school and the dedication it will inspire. 

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